Valpak Highlights Major Innovations in Data-Driven, Omnichannel Marketing for Local and National Advertisers

The New Valpak Changes the Way Business and Brands Reach and Engage Consumers Across Neighborhoods and the Nation

St. Petersburg, Fla. (December 7, 2022)—Valpak, the leader in American household data, direct marketing and omnichannel media solutions, today outlined key aspects of its ongoing transformation as a modern powerhouse in consumer marketing and media solutions. Valpak is innovating a dynamic and growing range of data-driven products and capabilities that are increasing marketing efficiency, brand awareness and sales lift for local and national advertisers.

Major technology and business investments have placed Valpak at the nexus of consumer data and analytics, household and neighborhood insights, and advances in direct mail and omnichannel engagement, to help advertisers better understand, influence and activate purchasing among American consumers nationwide.

“We want national and local advertisers to understand the New Valpak,” said Benjy Uhl, executive vice president of audience and product development for Valpak. “When people see the tools, technology, data, and media options we offer today, they understand that Valpak should be prominently considered within their marketing mix. The company’s continuing innovation is a major reason Valpak is significantly out-performing today’s resurgent multibillion-dollar direct marketing and mail industry.”    

Valpak is partnering with the CMO Council on a compelling webinar presentation to be held Dec. 13 exploring the importance of household-level consumer insights and targeting beyond digital engagement data. The event is entitled “Reality Check: Aspirational Marketing or Precision Targeting.” You can register for the webinar here:

Leadership in Consumer Data & Targeted Mail

Over the past few years, Valpak has built a robust, state-of-the-art consumer data and analytics platform incorporating thousands of data points across billions of records of internal and external data sources covering such factors as ongoing purchase behavior, property information, income levels, credit worthiness, household size and demographics, and much more.

The combination of Valpak’s data, analytics and advanced print, distribution and mail capabilities allow brands to effectively target consumers at the household-level. Valpak can reach any home in the US with the ability to leverage a curated subset of 41 million high-value homes as well as segment and target buyers digitally. The average income of Valpak households is 28% higher than the average US household.

Unique within the industry, Valpak’s Household Select technology allows brands for the first time to reach specific households both locally and nationally with targeted advertising and offers within its iconic shared Blue Envelope. Household Select creates the industry’s most cost-effective targeted mail solution. Using predictive analytics, Valpak can effectively reach consumers across a wide range of factors, such as purchase preferences, buying cycle, household moves, pregnancy, milestone events, like birthdays or graduation and aging into Medicare. Studies show the Blue Envelope has a 92% open rate.

Other fast-growing direct mail media solutions include targeted post card advertisements and Valpak’s new Premier Plus. Premier Plus is a new national brand advertising solution that converts the back of Valpak’s iconic Blue Envelope into an eye-catching billboard that receives 100 million impressions across high-value U.S. households with 100% viewability.

Metrics-Driven Campaigns

Valpak’s metrics-driven solutions demonstrate superior return on marketing spend and allow advertisers to continuously improve the performance of their campaigns.

“Both national and local advertisers see the power of partnering with Valpak at a time when consumers are being stretched by inflation and weakening economic conditions and are looking for savings,” said Uhl. “We work with more than 34,000 local and national advertisers to design programs that optimize results based on our consumer insights, deep understanding of local neighborhoods, and continuous analysis of campaigns. Valpak creates a strategy with clients at no cost in advance of a campaign to understand how they can achieve optimal results.”

Omnichannel and Digital Capabilities

Valpak is augmenting its direct mail offerings with omnichannel capabilities that multiply its impact with consumers. The company has forged a partnership with the U.S. Postal Service and their Informed Delivery Service. Informed Delivery is a free USPS service used by some 50 million households. Subscribers receive advance images of their daily mail from their mobile devices via email and a user-friendly dashboard. Through its partnership with the Postal Service, Valpak can create fully enhanced graphics of its advertising and offers, giving consumers another channel for brand engagement. USPS studies show that its notifications have an open rate of approximately 65% and drive a 20-30% click through rate on promotions and ads.

Valpak is also working with location-based mobile advertising platforms to further engage and retarget consumers and drive increased sales results with mobile ads and offers to households receiving direct mail print ads.

In addition, the company offers a full suite of digital marketing solutions, including social media, online display and mobile advertising, search engine marketing, web site design and more. Advertisers can also advertise on the and mobile app where millions of consumers go to find deals.

About Valpak
Valpak is the leader in American household data, direct marketing and omnichannel media solutions for local and national businesses and brands. The nation's premier direct mailer, Valpak is trusted by 34,000 businesses to drive sales and brand awareness through easy-to-measure, results-oriented direct marketing and digital advertising solutions that work. Its deep data insights into American households allow Valpak to segment and target consumers and neighborhoods to maximize ROI for advertisers and deliver the highest levels of transparency and accountability. For decades, Valpak has helped consumers save, businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive. Its network of nearly 140 local offices provides unparalleled customer service and market knowledge to business owners in thousands of neighborhoods across the U.S. Each month, its Blue Envelope of savings mails to 41 million demographically targeted households in 43 states. Visit to see what Valpak Direct Marketing can do for your business, and connect with Valpak on Twitter: @Valpak and Facebook: @ValpakAdvertising.


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