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July 2024

ice cream

Summer Sizzle Beat the Heat With This Cool Crossword

Consumers can use coupons to save money on a variety of products and services that help beat the sweltering heat! Valpak offers discounts on air conditioning service and maintenance, ceiling fans, and cooling appliances to keep homes comfortable. Shoppers can find coupons and Local Flavor deals on refreshing summer treats like ice cream and frozen yogurt, as well as discounts on pool supplies and outdoor water toys for family fun. Additionally, provides promo codes for summer apparel and sun protection products, ensuring everyone stays cool and safe under the sun. By utilizing these great deals and coupons, consumers can enjoy significant savings while staying cool during the hot summer months!

June 2024


Frugal Fun Crossword Put Your Savings Savviness To The Test With Our Puzzle

There's no need to venture far for savings when you can now find Local Flavor deals right alongside our money-saving coupons on! With deal certificates starting at 50% off face value and price drops up to 70% off, discover deep discounts on dining out, sports and entertainment tickets, automotive services and so much more – all right in your neighborhood.

Savvy shoppers rely on for local coupons, online promo codes, and now local deals from – all conveniently in one place! Embark on your own frugal fun adventure today and unlock incredible deals and discounts!

May 2024


From Floors to Fixtures Explore our Home Improvement Crossword Challenge

Homeowners can save money on all of their home improvement projects by utilizing coupons, which offer big discounts on a wide range of home renovation supplies and services from both local and online businesses. With discounts ranging from percentages off to buy-one-get-one-free offers, provides an accessible and convenient way for homeowners to stretch their budget without compromising on quality.

April 2024


April Crossword Quest Conquer the Crossword

All month long, consumers can save money on a variety of goods and services at Look for coupons for dining out, shopping for spring essentials, and discounts planning fun activities for the family – including Legoland tickets and other attractions and events. With, savvy shoppers can easily access deals and discounts to stretch their budget even further, making April a month of both savings and enjoyment!

March 2024


Spring into Fun Solve our Springtime Crossword Puzzle

Consumers can maximize their springtime savings with coupons. Whether it's discounts on seasonal clothing, gardening supplies, home cleaning services or outdoor activities, Valpak provides coupons that cater to a wide range of consumer interests. Save money at local shops or use coupon codes to pay less at your favorite online shopping e-tailers!

February 2024


Oval Office Odyssey Presidents Crossword Challenge

Presidents Day sales events are a highlight of February, offering substantial savings on furniture, mattresses, and home appliances. As winter begins to wind down, fitness equipment and gear may also be on sale, encouraging individuals to invest in their health and wellness at a budget-friendly cost. Look for significant markdowns on winter clothing and accessories as stores make room for spring collections, making it an ideal time to stock up on cozy sweaters, jackets and boots at discounted prices. Smart consumers can take advantage of February deals on to make thoughtful purchases at local businesses or online while keeping their wallets intact!

January 2024


Gridiron Glory Tackle the Football Playoffs with This Crossword Challenge!

Playoffs?! You kidding me? Playoffs?! Is it already time for the pro football playoffs? You bet it is! And if you are planning to tailgate outside the stadium or throw a watch party at home, make sure you are ready for game day with everything you need — food, beer and liquor, fan gear, tickets and that 85 inch TV to catch all of the live action and instant replays. Save money throughout the playoffs with all of our football-related deals in one place, where you'll find discounts on tailgate food, wine and spirits, sports shop apparel, football tickets and so much more!

December 2023


Jolly Jingle Joy Unwrap the Festive Fun with our Christmas Crossword Puzzle!

This holiday season, consumers can unlock substantial savings by utilizing money-saving coupons and promo codes available on With an extensive range of discounts covering everything from festive decorations to thoughtful gifts and everyday essentials, Valpak offers a one-stop destination for frugal holiday shopping. Shoppers can discover valuable promotions from a plethora of popular retailers, both local and online. Whether it's scoring discounts on seasonal clothing, electronics, or even enjoying special deals on holiday-themed activities and events, provides a convenient way for consumers to make the most of their budget during the festive season. Embracing the spirit of giving, Valpak empowers shoppers to find the best deals, ensuring a joyous and economical holiday celebration for all!

November 2023


Gobble Up the Fun With Our Thanksgiving & Black Friday Crossword Frenzy!

Holiday shopping is well underway for early birds looking to beat the holiday rush. Retailers are unveiling Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals throughout the entire month, making it convenient for savvy shoppers to take advantage of savings. Explore our coupon codes to cut costs on your online purchases.

Stay ahead of the game by grabbing that big-screen TV for Thanksgiving football and the rest of the season – some of the best TV deals emerge in November. If there's a football fanatic on your gift list in need of game tickets or fan gear, peruse our game day page for deals.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking, planning and socializing this month, remember to give yourself and your budget a breather. Treat yourself at your favorite restaurant, relishing a scrumptious meal and quality time with loved ones while the staff handles the cooking and cleanup. Alternatively, keep things simple and delectable by ordering a pizza from a local pizzeria – be sure to check out our pizza deals in your area!

October 2023


Fall Into Savings Take a Stab at Our Spooky Halloween Crossword Puzzle

So Many Ways to Pay Less in October

Look for discounts on Halloween costumes, decorations, animatronics, masks and accessories at Spirit Halloween, where you can buy costumes for any occasion all year long!

October is a great time for those home improvement projects to get you comfortably through the colder seasons. Get your gutters cleaned, insulate the roof, winterize the plumbing, have your chimney cleaned and find other ways to save money with our coupons that can help you pay less for all your Fall home improvement projects.

Don't forget that October is National Pizza Month, when many of your favorite Italian restaurants and pizzerias are serving up some of the best deals all month long. Check out the pizza deals in your area and online!

September 2023


Slice and Solve A Supreme Pizza Puzzle Challenge!

Slice into these mouthwatering pizza deals and Italian restaurant offers, and try our fun quiz on pizza.
Plus, enter for a chance to win extra dough in our Valpak $100 Sweepstakes 9/18/2023 - 4/18/2024!


August 2023


Let the Football Games Begin With A Fun Crossword Puzzle!

Whether you prefer Sunday football, college football or high school football, let help you celebrate with savings on fan gear, tickets, food and fun! Visit our football deals page to score discounts for the stadium or your next watch party.

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July 2023


Summer Fun Crossword Puzzle

Summer is a time for fun, family adventures and food, so let help you save on the things to help make it even more enjoyable! Get all the gear you need for camping and outdoor activities with our sports and recreation deals, featuring popular brands you know and trust. Planning a picnic or a family reunion? You'll need plenty of food and drinks, so consider saving at checkout with our grocery coupons. Looking for fun things to do in your area? Check out our local Entertainment and Travel coupons for discounts on places to go, or visit our promo codes for discount tickets to theme parks and tourist attractions across the nation. Hitting the road or the friendly skies for vacation? Get your car road-trip ready and save money on an oil change or tune-up at your local auto shop, or save on your hotel stay, airline tickets and car rental with our travel coupons. can help you make it a sunny summer of savings and fun!

June 2023


Crossword Coaster Take a Wild Ride by Solving our Theme Park Puzzle!

Discover a world of savings and excitement at amusement parks and other fun places to go with incredible coupons! Whether you're craving a discount on LEGOLAND theme park tickets or seeking out other local fun things to do, our offers will help you make the most of your experiences while saving money. But it doesn't stop there! Look for discounts on Busch Gardens tickets, as well as our other coupon codes that extend their savings magic to travel, arts and entertainment, allowing you to enjoy discounted rates on hotel stays and vacation packages, tickets and admission to tourist attractions, and finding the best seats available at the hottest sporting events and concerts. Let be your go-to destination for remarkable deals, ensuring you can embark on extraordinary adventures without straining your budget!

May 2023


Get Ready for a Road Trip With our Automotive "Crossroad" Puzzle

Before you take your next road trip, make sure your vehicle is ready to take you there safely, comfortably and in style. Take advantage of our oil change coupons, tire deals, car wash discounts and auto service specials to keep your car or truck running in tip-top shape all year long. Save money at Goodyear or Tire Rack when you order tires online, or browse our other online automotive offers that are packed with discounts. Look for a deal on brakes replacement at your local auto repair shop or pay less for oil change service, spark plug replacement or a car wash with our local coupons — there are lots of ways to save!

Local Automotive Deals

April 2023


Unlock the flavors of Mexico with our tacolicious crossword puzzle!

You don't have to break the bank the next time you want tacos and margaritas! Use coupons to save money at delectable Mexican restaurants in your area, or use our money-saving grocery coupons and promo codes on ingredients to create the Mexican foods you crave!

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March 2023


DIY Crossword Puzzle For serious home improvement projects call a professional!

Home improvement doesn't have to be expensive. Whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor, check out our home remodeling specials and deals that can help you save money on your next renovation!

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February 2023

arrow heart

Solve the Love Mystery A Valentine's Day Crossword Adventure

Browse for deals on flower delivery, chocolates and other gifts for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day or any day — just because! If you're planning a special romantic getaway, be sure to check out our travel deals to save on airline tickets and your hotel stay. Or, if you'll be in town, treat your special someone to a delicious dinner or a pampering massage to show how much you care!


January 2023



Keep your resolutions going all year long with health and wellness savings on gym memberships, exercise and weight loss programs, or save with these apparel and sporting goods deals to keep you on-pace with your fitness goals. Any time of year is a great time to treat yourself to a discount on a massage, haircut or makeover at your favorite spa or salon!


December 2022


'Tis the season for Joy and some crossword puzzle fun!

Give yourself and your wallet a well-deserved break by saving money with these coupons for local restaurants or use our grocery coupons for discounts on food and household essentials.


October 2022

olives olives

Top Off Your Week

with these pizza topping answers

  • BEEF
  • HAM
wordsearch puzzle
wordsearch puzzle

Check out these mouthwatering pizza coupons, Italian food deals and our fun quiz on pizza.
Plus, enter for a chance to win extra dough in our Valpak Sweepstakes $100 monthly drawing!


September 2022

football art

It's Finally
Tailgating Season!

  • Cheese Sticks
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Dips
  • Hamburgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Meatballs
  • Nachos
  • Pizza
  • Poppers
  • Sliders
  • Submarines
wordsearch puzzle
foam figner art

Find your tailgate party favorites as well as other dining options near you.


August 2022

Get Ready with
Back-to-School Fun!

pencil art
  • BUS
wordsearch puzzle

July 2022

wordsearch puzzle


b a s e b a l l


b e a c h


b o a t i n g


c a m p i n g


c a n o e i n g


f r i s b e e


p a r k


p i c n i c


s a i l i n g


s i g h t s e e i n g


s w i m m i n g


t r a v e l


w a t e r p a r k

June 2022

  • POOL
wordsearch puzzle

May 2022


1) Cushion that deploys and fills with air when a major impact occurs [AIRBAG]

2) Black and white flag that signals the first car to cross the finish line [CHECKERED]

3) Also called a 'safety car', this vehicle limits the speed of competing cars on a racetrack [PACECAR]

4) City where the first race of the 2022 NTT Indycar Series will be held AND where Valpak is headquartered [STPETERSBURG]

5) The general rule is to perform this type of maintenance every 3,000 miles [OILCHANGE]

9) Acronym for National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing [NASCAR]

10) Revolutions per minute, for short [RPM]

12) Collective term for lights at the rear of a vehicle (brake, reverse and rear turn signal) [TAIL]

13) The racing surface [TRACK]


3) Two words for a break to adjust tire pressure, check levels and fuel up [PITSTOP]

6) Indy champion signed onto Dale Coyne racing for 2022, in the #18 car [MALUKAS]

7) Pedal on the far left of a vehicle's driver's side in manual transmission vehicle [CLUTCH]

8) Racer in first place who establishes the pace for the rest of the field [FRONTRUNNER]

11) This type of start is often given to a dead battery using cables [JUMPSTART]

14) French for 'grand prize', this two-word term often refers to annual, international races [GRANDPRIX]

crossword puzzle

April 2022

Sonic 2
sonic puzzle

March 2022


1) Pieces inside your home such as table and chairs [FURNITURE]

3) Savings and loan establishments [BANKS]

5) Panes of glass in your home [WINDOWS]

6) An establishment where a hairdresser styles your hair [SALON]

8) The process of changing the structure or form of your house [REMODELING]

10) The process of changing the color of your house [PAINTING]

12) Equipment or devices used to increase temperature [HEATING]

13) A doctor who takes care of your teeth [DENTIST]

15) A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric [CARPET]


2) System of pipes, tank and other apparatus required for water [PLUMBING]

4) A person who comes to the house to clean the inside [MAID]

7) Short roads leading to a house or garage [DRIVEWAYS]

9) Material for the top of the house [ROOFING]

11) Two words for a business that will clean and detail your automobile [CARWASH]

14) Two words for removing debris from a tube or passageway in a home for heat & air [DUCTCLEANING]

16) The sale of goods to the public [RETAIL]

17) Type of restaurant that serves a flat, round base of dough baked with various toppings [PIZZA]

crossword puzzle