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October is National Pizza Month!
When is National Pizza Day?

According to National Day Calendar, National Pizza Month made its official American debut in October 1984. The honorary month was created by Gerald "Gerry" Durnell, the owner of a pizzeria in the tiny town of Santa Claus, Indiana, as well as the publisher of Pizza Today, a trade publication covering all things pizza! So, you're probably thinking National Pizza Day is also in October, right? Nope! National Pizza Day is February 9th so that's two major times of the year when pizzerias around the country unleash their best pizza deals for consumers to enjoy!

The pizza fun goes all year with National Pizza Month in October, National Pizza Day in February and enjoying pizza every other day of the year if you want. Celebrate pizza any time and look to Valpak.com for pizza coupons and Italian restaurant deals from your favorite eateries.

Slice, slice baby!

Ways to Celebrate With Pizza Any Day of the Year:

  1. Host a Pizza Party: Text friends and family to meet up at a favorite pizza restaurant or pizzeria to feast on a variety of your favorite pies and toppings. Swap slices and vote on faves. Look through our pizza deals to save money on the entire feast!
  2. Order Pizza Delivery: Make family movie night or watch party events even more special with pizza delivery or curbside pickup. Enjoy your event with no cooking or clean up and no guilt added! To keep your budget in check, try to find a pizza delivery coupon that will provide a discount.
  3. Dine-in at your Favorite Pizzeria: Sink your teeth into pizza that is fresh out of the oven at your local pizza restaurant. Nothing like melted cheese on piping hot pizza! The only thing that might make it better is if you paid even less for it, so look for a pizza coupon on Valpak.com to help you save money.
  4. Give the Gift of Pizza: Share the love of Italian pizza by giving a gift card from your favorite Italian restaurant or pizzeria, paisan!
  5. Visit an Italian Restaurant: Make everyone happy when you visit your favorite restaurant that serves Italian food as well as pizza. Order an assortment of pizzas with various toppings and a selection of entrees that will satisfy everyone's appetite, even the picky eater! Check out the pizza deals on Valpak.com and print before you go, or show your mobile phone to redeem.
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Think You Know A Lot About Pizza?

Test your knowledge with our pizza trivia quiz, perfect for playing with family, friends or while waiting for your pizza delivery! Our tip: don't take this one hungry.

An Epicurious History of Pizza

Are you curious about what one epic food most Americans say they would want to eat for the rest of their lives? What about a single food that transcends global to local status like no other? If you are like most Americans, your answer is pizza.

Historians tell us that pizza recipes were first consumed by the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks some 2,200 years ago. But the modern version of the pizza we know now, celebrates its birthday in Southwest Italy's city of Naples sometime near 997AD. The Neapolitan working class required a meal with inexpensive and easy-to-find ingredients and one that was quick to eat. This became the first flatbread pizza dough topped with garlic and olive oil.

In 1889, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita vacationed in Naples and the Queen requested an assortment of fresh pizzas to sample. The one she loved most was made with basil, white mozzarella and tomatoes which became known as the Margherita pizza. Incidentally, the colors were the same as the Italian flag!

Italian flag made out of pizza topping ingredients

It could be debated that the first “pizza delivery” came across the ocean with Italian immigrants to New York City, who brought their authentic Italian pizza recipes to their new home in America after World War II. Pizzerias sprung up in NYC and New York Pizza, or as some call it, New York Style Pizza then made its debut by way of these new Italian American citizens.

As the population expanded westward, the people came with their pizza recipes and started creating pies for their customers including one you might have heard of - Chicago Style Pizza or Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, which is cooked in a pan instead of on a baking sheet or pizza stone, as most other pizzas are.

Fast forward to the 1950's and the history of pizza takes another factual turn nationwide with the advent of pizza chains or the franchise pizzeria. It was in 1958 that Pizza Hut began its pizza empire, with Domino's Pizza close behind in 1960. As their competition with each other grew, new independent restaurants and pizza franchises sprang up across the country, allowing Americans to enjoy pizza just about anywhere.

Today, across the USA (with California claiming to have the most pizza restaurants at 7,281 in 2019), pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and for good reason. Not only is it delicious, but it's convenient, sharable, versatile, customizable, and even fun to eat!

So, you may ask, “Just where is the best pizza?” While history has its rightful origins, it seems the mystery of the best pizza can be found on the individual's tastebuds.

Fun Facts About Pizza

94% of Americans eat pizza on a regular basis

36% of all pizzas served include pepperoni as a topping

There are roughly 61,269 pizzerias in the U.S.

Approximately 100 acres of pizza are eaten per day

The most popular night to eat pizza is Saturday

17% of all restaurants are pizzerias

Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold each year in the U.S.

14" is the most popular size pizza

Pizza delivery drivers claim women tip better than men

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