Trademarks, Service Marks and Trade Names (the "Marks")

The following Marks and/or registered Marks are used to identify the products and services of Valpak and its affiliates:

  • The Blue Envelope® (Product)
  • Connecting Advertisers with Audiences® (Service)
  • Connecting Audiences with Advertisers® (Service)
  • Coupon U® (Service)
  • CU® (Service)
  • Coupon University® (Service)
  • Delivering Value to America® (Service)
  • Delivering Value to Parents® (Service)
  • Envelope image uses the ® to the lower right corner (Product and Service)
  • Home Showplace® (Service)
  • LuxeTM (Product)
  • Neighborhood Trade Areas® (U.S.) (Service)
  • Neighbourhood Trade Areas® (Canada) (Service)
  • NTA® (Service)
  • Open the Neighborhood® (Product and Service)
  • Push Click Tap® (Service)
  • Push The Envelope Click With Your Customers Tap Into Your Market® (Service)
  • Savings Beyond the Envelope® (Product and Service)
  • SKUlocal® (Product and Service)
  • Solo Values® (Service)
  • There are more savings for you onlineTM (Service)
  • There's Something In It For You® (Service)
  • Valpak® (Product and Service)
  •® (Service)
  • Valpak Deals® (Service)
  • Valpak MediaTM (Product and Service)
  • Valpak Media SolutionsTM (Product and Service)
  • Valpak PlusOneTM (Product)
  • ValpakRxTM (Product and Service)
  • Valpak University® (Service)
  • VPOffice® (Product and Service)
  • We Deliver To Your Neighborhood® (Service)
  • The Smartest Values In Your Neighborhood® (Service)

Valpak and its affiliates reserve the right to add additional Marks that identify its products and services to this website at any time, and this is not an inclusive list and may be updated at any time. Other trademarks, service marks and trade names that may be used on this website to identify the products and services of other companies are the property of their respective owners. Valpak makes no claims to these trademarks.


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