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Save Money on Tacos, Margaritas and More at Your Favorite Mexican Restaurants

Save on mouthwatering tacos and Mexican food with these restaurant coupons, liquor and beer discounts that'll lighten the load on your wallet. Get inspiring ideas to create your own taco bar at home and enjoy our fun facts, festive taco trivia and puzzle!

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Valpak Savings on Mexican Food

Dining out at Mexican restaurants can be an exciting experience, with a wide variety of delicious and flavorful dishes and drinks to choose from. However, the cost of dining out can add up quickly, which is why it's important to find ways to save money while still enjoying all the best that Mexican cuisine has to offer. That's where Valpak coupons come in - by using our coupons, diners can save money on their favorite Mexican foods and drinks.

Mexican food is known for its bold flavors and spicy seasonings. Dishes like tacos, burritos, enchiladas and fajitas are popular choices for diners who crave the distinctive taste of Mexican cooking. At the same time, traditional Mexican drinks like margaritas, micheladas and horchata provide a refreshing complement to any meal.

Valpak.com coupons offer diners the chance to enjoy all these delicious offerings at a lower cost. With coupons for discounts on meals, drinks and catering services, diners can savor the flavors of Mexican food without breaking the bank. For example, a coupon for 10% off a meal can save diners several dollars, while a coupon for a free appetizer, margarita or dessert can add an extra treat to the dining experience.

Using Valpak coupons is a great way for diners to enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine without overspending. With our free coupons for discounts on food and drink, diners can savor the bold and delicious flavors of Mexican cuisine without worrying about the cost.

More Ways to Save Money at your Favorite Mexican Restaurant

Look for Lunch Specials & Happy Hour Deals — One way to save money is to take advantage of lunch specials or happy hour deals. Many Mexican restaurants offer discounted prices during these times, making it a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite Mexican dishes at a lower price.

Tuesday Taco Deals — Many Mexican restaurants offer a discounted price with taco specials on Tuesdays. For example, a restaurant might offer a deal like "3 tacos for $5" or "50% off all tacos." Or look for discounted prices on combo meals that include tacos and a drink or side dish. These kinds of specials make it possible to save customers money and make it more affordable for them to enjoy a complete meal at a restaurant.

Order Shareable Appetizers & Entrees — Another way to save money is to share entrees or order from the appetizer menu. Mexican restaurants are known for their generous portions and sharing an entree or ordering several appetizers for the entire table can save you money while still allowing everyone to enjoy a variety of flavors.

Use Coupons & Promo Codes — Using coupons or promo codes is another great way to save money at Mexican restaurants. These can often be found online at Valpak.com, through restaurant loyalty programs or in the Valpak blue envelope. Be sure to check the fine print to ensure the coupon is valid for the restaurant, location and time you plan to dine.

First-Time Customer Specials — Finally, consider trying out new Mexican restaurants that offer first-time customer deals or specials. Many restaurants offer discounts or free appetizers to first-time customers as a way to entice them to try their food. Ask your server for any first-time customer specials the restaurant is offering.

Skip the Extras — In addition to saving money, there are also other ways to make your dining experience more budget-friendly. For example, consider drinking water instead of ordering a pricey margarita or other alcoholic beverage. You can also skip the extras like chips and salsa, guacamole or flan to keep the cost down.

Get great savings on Mexican cuisine with our restaurant deals today! Enjoy delicious dishes without overspending.

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Fresh Ingredients

How to Make Tacos

Making tacos at home is a fun and easy way to enjoy this delicious dish any day of the week. Here's a simple recipe for making homemade tacos:


  • 1 lb ground beef or turkey
  • 1 packet taco seasoning mix
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 8-10 taco shells
  • Toppings (shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, taco sauce etc.)


  1. Brown the ground beef or turkey in a large skillet over medium heat. Use a spatula or wooden spoon to break up the meat into small pieces as it cooks.
  2. Once the meat is fully cooked, add the taco seasoning mix and 1/2 cup of water to the skillet. Stir well to combine and bring the mixture to a simmer.
  3. Reduce the heat to low and let the meat and seasoning mixture simmer for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the sauce has thickened and the flavors have melded together.
  4. While the meat is cooking, prepare your taco shells by heating them in the oven or microwave according to the package instructions.
  5. To assemble your tacos, fill each shell with a spoonful of the meat mixture, then add your desired toppings. Popular options include shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream, and salsa.
  6. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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Tacos and Margaritas or Tacos and Beer?

Which Beverage Do You Prefer to Eat Your Tacos With?

Tacos and Margaritas

Margaritas and tacos are a classic pairing that many people enjoy. The bright and citrusy flavors of a margarita complement the savory and spicy flavors of tacos, creating a delicious and satisfying meal. The sweet and sour notes of the margarita help to balance out the richness of the meat, while the saltiness of the rim pairs well with the flavors of the taco filling. Whether enjoyed at a restaurant or made at home, margaritas and tacos are a perfect combination for a fun and flavorful dining experience.

Tacos and Beer

Tacos and beer are a perfect pairing for a casual and enjoyable meal. Tacos, a traditional Mexican dish, consist of a soft or hard tortilla shell filled with various ingredients such as seasoned meat, vegetables, and cheese. The combination of different textures and flavors in a single bite makes tacos a popular choice among food lovers. On the other hand, beer, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grains, is a refreshing drink that complements the spicy and savory flavors of tacos. The carbonation and bitterness of the beer cut through the richness of the tacos, leaving a clean and crisp taste in the mouth. Whether enjoyed in a casual setting with friends or at a festive gathering, tacos and beer are a match made in heaven that never fails to satisfy the taste buds.

Ask for these authentic beverages next time you stop in at your favorite Mexican restaurant! Want to try some of these drinks at home? Look for savings on liquor, wine and spirits with our coupons.

Fun Facts About Tacos

  • 1

    Tacos are believed to have originated in the Mexican silver mines in the 18th century, although the exact origin is unclear.

  • 2

    The word "taco" means "light meal" or “snack” in Spanish.

  • 3

    Tacos can be made with a variety of meats, including beef, chicken, pork, and fish, as well as vegetarian options like beans and tofu.

  • 4

    The first recorded mention of tacos in the United States was in a 1905 cookbook by Bertha Haffner-Ginger, who described them as "Mexican dishes."

  • 5

    The largest taco ever made weighed over 4,500 pounds and was created in Mexico in 2011.

  • 6

    The first Taco Bell restaurant opened in California in 1962, and today there are over 7,000 locations worldwide.

  • 7

    In Mexico, tacos are often served with fresh cilantro, onions and a squeeze of lime juice.

  • 8

    Tacos al pastor, which are made with marinated pork and cooked on a spit, are a popular street food in Mexico.

  • 9

    In 2018, a survey found that Americans consume over 4.5 billion tacos per year.

  • 10

    In 2020, the world's first-ever virtual taco festival was held online, featuring cooking demos, music and other taco-themed events.

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