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Game Day Plan: Party in Style & On Budget

Whether you want to head out to a local sports bar to watch the game with your friends, are planning a tailgating party at the stadium, or you are a true football fan who likes to throw your own game day watch parties at home, we have a deal for you! Save with these restaurant coupons, food deals and discount liquor offers for your next pro or college football watch party. You might even find a deal on a football jersey or a new flat screen TV!

Pro Football Schedule


Aug. 1, 2024 — Aug. 25, 2024

Who will make the final roster? Preseason football is the time for coaches to test strategies, assess their rosters and evaluate players to make the last team cuts. For fans, it's a good time to buy tickets for regular season games and decide upon who you plan to draft for your fantasy football team!

Regular Season

Sept. 5, 2024 — Jan. 5, 2025

The regular season unleashes 18 weeks of fun-filled football, where each matchup battles it out on the gridiron with every play, every pass and every touchdown to secure a win. For fans, Sunday football just wouldn't be the same without a tailgate party at the stadium or a watch party with all your friends!


Jan. 11, 2025 — Jan. 26, 2025

It's down to the best teams in each division, whereby at the end of each game the winners move on to the next round of playoffs and the losers go home. For fans, this is a great time to shop for deals on a big flat screen TV and surround sound system to watch all of the exciting football playoffs!

Big Game

Feb. 9, 2025

The pinnacle game of the year, where the two best teams in the league go head to head against each other and where viewing competition is also shared with the halftime show and commercials. For fans, plan your watch party early and begin buying food, beer, soft drinks and party supplies as they go on sale!

College Football Schedule

Regular Season

Aug. 24, 2024 — Dec. 19, 2024

15 weeks of spirited rivalry and passion takes shape on university campuses across the nation as the college football regular season kicks in. Fans can pick up a college football jersey to show support for your favorite college team, or head to the field for pre-game tailgating food and fun!

Bowl Games

Dec. 20, 2024 — Jan. 10, 2025

The bowl game schedule has been set, pitting top-tier teams against each other in exhilarating displays of skill, athleticism and determination. Fans should try to buy tickets to bowl games as soon as possible, or can enjoy watching the games at home or at a local sports bar!


Jan. 20, 2025

Considered the grand crescendo to the college football season, the winner of this game is awarded the championship title as well as the coveted the College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy. Fans and alum can usually pick up fan gear and college team apparel at discount prices!

Game Day Party Options

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Enjoy a Watch Party In The Comfort Of Your Own Home — And Save

What better way is there to watch football games than in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your friends and family? Whether it's the playoffs, pre-season, the big game or a college bowl game, put on your favorite team's football jersey or hat, invite your friends over and gather around your big screen TV for a watch party to catch all the gametime fun. No big screen TV? So maybe now is the time to stop fumbling and finally get that 75 inch TV you've been wanting! Look for home theater, surround sound and flat screen TV deals at Walmart, Sam's Club and other affordable electronics retailers.

You'll score a touchdown with your guests on game day when you pick up buffalo wings or fried chicken from your favorite restaurant, put out a spread of pulled pork, ribs or brisket catered by your favorite bbq restaurant, or order ahead for food delivery to arrive just before kickoff or right around halftime. How about ordering pizza for the football game? Throw the challenge flag and win with our money-saving pizza deals and Italian food specials! Planning to make your own food? Check out our grocery coupons for discounts on ingredients, snacks and beverages. If your game plan includes beer, liquor or wine, look through our liquor store coupons to stock up your home bar. Give a whole new meaning to a first-round draft pick and pick up a case or few of favorite brews for less by using a coupon! You can make the atmosphere even more festive and save yourself clean-up time by using paper plates, tablecloths and other disposable tableware in your teams colors - look for the best deals on these items online or at places like your local party supply store or dollar store.

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Watch the Game at Your Favorite Pub or Sports Bar

Avoid the halftime craziness of a sporting event by going to your favorite restaurant, pub or sports bar to watch instead. Sports bars around the country offer a place to support and celebrate pro and college football games while eating delicious bar foods — many places even feature televised Friday night high school football games, too! These businesses create the perfect environment for a watch party so you and your friends can cheer for your favorite football teams. Wear your football jerseys, order a round of mixed drinks or craft beer and an assortment of shareable appetizers, and spend a few hours watching football at your local pub. If you're looking to save money on food or drinks, find the nearest sports bar or pub with the best TVs to view college football or pro games and redeem our coupons for discounts on burgers, wings, pizza and other delicious game day fare.

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Save on Tailgate Food, Football Jerseys and Tickets to the Game

Need tickets to the game? Find the best seats and get your football tickets for less when you use online ticketing websites such as SeatGeek or StubHub. Some of these businesses also allow you to buy or sell tickets almost up until kickoff, so you can look to upgrade your seats if you want to.

Follow the American football tradition of tailgating at the stadium parking lot for some unforgettable, wild fun with other football fans from both teams! Before game day arrives, plan the menu — include everything from finger foods like chips and homemade salsa to foods you'll grill at the stadium, like hamburgers, philly cheesesteak sandwiches and chicken wings, then browse our grocery coupons to see how you can save money on tailgate food. Browse through our Bars, Pubs & Liquor Stores coupons to look for savings on your favorite beer, liquor, wine and mixers. When game day is finally here, put on your favorite football jersey, pack up your bbq grill, load up a cooler full of food and drinks, bring a chair to sit on, then head out to the football field to begin the pre-game celebration in the parking lot with fellow fans!

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Let The Football Games Begin With A Fun Crossword Puzzle

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How well do you know the pro football rules?

What kind of Big Game Viewer are You?

Football Facts

  • 1There are seven officials during a football game
  • 2The first American football game was a college game played in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton
  • 3Pro football hired its first female full-time coach in 2015
  • 4Wilson has been making footballs for the pro league for over 70 years
  • 5Only one pro football team has had a perfect season
  • 6Today's game of American football evolved from soccer and rugby
  • 7The most popular game in the U.S. is… football
  • 8College footballs have white stripes on both ends, unlike pro footballs which have none
  • 9The huddle became common in 1890 after a deaf quarterback didn't want the opposing team to see his hand signals
  • 10A football field is 360 feet long by 160 feet wide
  • 11Approximately 256 pro games are played between Labor Day and New Year's Day
  • 12There are 32 professional football teams
  • 13At 17 weeks, pro football has one of the shortest seasons of any pro sports
  • 14The most watched TV program of the year is… the big game
  • 15Most points scored in a college football game was also a blowout in 1916: 222-0 in favor of Georgia Tech
  • 16The longest college football game was in 2003 and lasted a little less than 4 hours
  • 17The first Big Game was played in Los Angeles in 1967
  • 18The pro single-season punting average of 51.4 yards was set in 1940 and hasn't been broken
  • 19President Theodore Roosevelt threatened to ban football unless it became safer, this created new rules which allowed the forward pass
  • 20The first televised pro football game was played in 1939 and only reached about 500 TV sets