Valpak Launches Premier Plus, Powerful Omnichannel Advertising Solution that Transforms Iconic Blue Envelope into Billboard for National Brands

Solution Combines Data-driven Insights Across 41 Million High-Value Households With Impactful Advertising and Omnichannel Marketing Integration to Deliver Exceptional Results for Leading Brands Like Tennis Channel, HGTV, Legoland, Shutterfly and Panera

St. Petersburg, Fla. (October 25, 2022) — Valpak, the leader in American household data, direct marketing and omnichannel media solutions, today announced Premier Plus, a powerful new national brand advertising solution that converts the back of Valpak’s iconic Blue Envelope into an eye-catching billboard that receives 100 million impressions across high-value U.S. households with 100% viewability. Advertisers can utilize Premier Plus to deliver the right message to the right households while integrating a range of digital and omnichannel marketing extensions.

Valpak’s outside-the-envelope ads are proven to drive exceptional recognition and measurable results for national brands, such as Tennis Channel, HGTV, Legoland, Shutterfly and Panera. With the introduction of Premier Plus, Valpak has now dramatically expanded the size and graphic appeal of these ads to take over the entire back of its Blue Envelope, creating opportunities for striking visual advertising. The Valpak Blue Envelope delivers a rich and valued array of targeted national and local advertising content and offers to homes across America. It is widely recognized and anticipated by consumers nationwide, with tests showing it has an open rate of 92% of all targeted households.

"Valpak has been an instrumental partner in supporting our television and streaming programming objectives,” said Neil Roberts, Executive Director of Marketing at Tennis Channel, a subsidiary of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group.“Leveraging various Valpak products, we’ve run both very targeted programs all the way up to presenting our coverage of the French Open on the cover of all 41 million Valpak envelopes.”

In addition to its breakthrough envelope billboard advertising, Premier Plus reaches millions of households through a variety of digital channels, including the U.S. Postal Service’s Informed Delivery Service. Informed Delivery is a free USPS service subscribed to by some 47 million households. Subscribers receive preview images of their mail directly to their mobile devices via email and a user-friendly dashboard. Through its partnership with the Postal Service, Valpak can create fully enhanced graphics of its envelope displaying Premier Plus advertising, giving consumers another channel for brand engagement.

“We hope national brands and their advertising agencies take a close look at Premier Plus as they assess the best media buys to reach and engage consumers,” said Jay Loeffler, Chief Revenue Officer of Valpak. “Valpak reaches over 41 million homeowners and families with an average income of $130,000, offering advertisers a powerful alternative to television or out-of-the-home advertising. Advertisers achieve some 100 million media impressions and 100% viewability among targeted households.”

“Valpak’s unmatched household data insights and targeting capabilities at scale across demographics, location, income, home value, purchasing history and much more create opportunities for segmenting a brand message to increase its impact. Valpak’s wide range of digital media and measurement tools and solutions provide even more value and accountability to advertisers,” Loeffler added.

About Valpak
Valpak is the leader in American household data, direct marketing and omnichannel media solutions for local and national businesses and brands. The nation's premier direct mailer, Valpak is trusted by 34,000 businesses to drive sales and brand awareness through easy-to-measure, results-oriented direct marketing and digital advertising solutions that work. Its deep data insights into American households allow Valpak to segment and target consumers and neighborhoods to maximize ROI for advertisers and deliver the highest levels of transparency and accountability. For decades, Valpak has helped consumers save, businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive. Its network of nearly 140 local offices provides unparalleled customer service and market knowledge to business owners in thousands of neighborhoods across the U.S. Each month, its Blue Envelope of savings mails to 41 million demographically targeted households in 43 states. Visit to see what Valpak Direct Marketing can do for your business, and connect with Valpak on Twitter: @Valpak and Facebook: @ValpakAdvertising.

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